Pack 799

Richmond, Virginia

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Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 799!

We are chartered by Trinity United Methodist Church in Richmond, Virginia, and are members of the Cardinal District of the Heart of Virginia Council, Boy Scouts of America. We have programs for boys in 1st through 5th grades that include Character Growth, Citizenship, Sportsmanship and Service.

Many of our members attend Tuckahoe Elementary School, but we welcome all boys in the area who are interested in joining Cub Scouting.

We hope you find this website enjoyable and informative and invite you to come and see just what scouting is all about!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact our Cubmaster for details!

Notes to Parents:

  • Welcome to the new website!
  • Sept 29 - Join Scouting Night - Sept 27 - TES
  • 2018-19 dues info to come

Why Join Cub Scouts?

Scouting teaches values and works to strengthen your relationship with your son.

Your time is valuable. Families struggle to find time to spend together. Cub Scouts helps support your family by providing numerous opportunities for you and your son to do things together.

Purpose of Scouting

We work together to fulfill the 10 purposes of Cub Scouting:

- Character Development

- Spiritual Growth

- Good Citizenship

- Sportsmanship and Fitness

- Family Understanding

- Respectful Relationships

- Personal Achievements

- Friendly Service

- Fun and Adventure

- Preparation for Boy Scouts

How Does It Work?

When your son becomes a Cub Scout, you take on an important role, too. The boys have a different handbook for each grade level with age-appropriate activities. You help him complete the activities and achievements offer guidance support and even a helping hand.